Are you wondering how Foodlagniappe started? Well, the story goes like this: "It was cold, bitter night in 2012 on the East side of New Orleans and something magical happened to a lonely lady.              From somewhere in the universe, the lonely woman discovered a new passion. The lady wouldn't have found this new passion if it weren’t for her lover abandoning her at home on that frigid Saturday night. The incident didn't tap into her feelings instead she went straight to the kitchen to cook up herself a delicious dinner…then, something else happened.


Remember her lover or soon to be ex-lover? He was saving a unique bottle of wine for a special occasion. The lonely lady decided to open that bottle of wine, because she knew that the dinner,

she just made for herself was a special occasion. So, she opened the bottle and poured herself a glass of wine to eat with her sumptuous dinner. I want to remind you this wine wasn't just any ordinary bottle of wine, it was a 1989 Silver Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon. A rare vintage. The magic started when Ms. Ross took her first bite of food with a glass of wine. She felt as though Heavy Dee tap danced a little bit of goodness onto her palate: a new world, with food and wine pairing. opened for her.


Now you know how Foodlagniappe started, through Ms. Ross’s new-found passion for food and wine pairing that came to her on that quiet, unassuming night. She wanted to create space where people could enjoy sharing their love of Art, Food, and Wine.  


In 2016 Ms. Ross opened Foodlagniappe, an Urban Trendy Food Blog: Cooking Up Ideal Art and Food.  Her mission was to start a conversation sharing thoughts on visual art at the dinner table while eating a delicious Southern cuisine.  In 2019, Ms. Ross launched, Let's Eat 504 food blog that chronicled renowned, popular food dishes from urban cities.


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