A sensational cocktail ebook for the new host that's eager to entertain family, friends, coworkers. Cocktails Confessions is a multi-ebook share confession's from AFW lovers about their favorite cocktail drink inside the 16 pages, bold colorful photos ebook.



Know Thy Grapes Ladies

The must to go wine ebook for ladies. Know Thy Grapes Ladies is a wonderful informative resourceful ebook sharing information about white and red wines. One of kind ebook that's helping the beginner wine connoisseur with wine knowledge.



Bless This Garden

Find a small garden that can balance your mind, body, spirits in life. Ready to bring harmony and balance to your life, Bless This Garden is the best ebook to get you started in the process of balance in life. You can find inside  24 pages ebook colorful artwork that set the tone towards peace and reflection on the journey of self balance.



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