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Simple backdrops for The blue Plate

Updated: Apr 25

I think Artistic and simple when i comes to a food photo shoot nothing bold or outrageous.

So far having this mind frame of creating my backdrops for my food shots are coming along eventually I know I will have to step up my game. But for now you guys its artistic and simply for food style nothing dark yet.

“Personally I think simply can be bold by itself if its done right.” Felicite Ross

The hardest thing for me when I'm starting a project is style layout because there several types of layout when you set up for food shot. Reading and watching a lot YouTube videos of other food photographers telling you to draw or map out your layout. Yes, they were right about writing or drawing a layout for a food shot which is a big help saving time and prevent lessen the stress.

I love the Spiral Layout

I could share with you the popular food shots layouts but that's going to be a waste time if

I don't have diagram or drawing of them. Right! But I'm going to tell you the one I prefer, so far. Yes, I have use all them in the past but its something about spiral layout for me. Looking at the picture below you probably can't see the spiral layout but trust me it's there.

I plan to feature this picture in #theblueplate soon.

Honestly I'm proud of my #spirallayout in this picture on the right. Looking at it now I should have added more accessories but I love the simply backdrop. Like I said earlier sometimes simple can be bold by itself.

I'm super excited about this food photo shot because in the near future I'm hosting a surprise tea party for my

granddaughter Sani very soon. This pop up event will give me another chance to correct somethings I didn't do with this photo shoot.

So now my friends you know how I feel about backdrop and layouts for food shots. It's been great chatting with you but I have to go because I have a lot on plate for today. LOL!

Until the next time spread love, joy and peace.

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